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I help Christian men quit porn for good and transform it into the best thing that’s ever happened to them and their marriage.

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"Cameron's work is not only the best I've seen in the various options that churches and Christian culture offer men struggling with porn addiction - it's the only thing I've seen actually work.

"After 10 years of working with couples with intimacy issues as well as 3 years working at a large evangelical church, porn is often a part of the picture. Wives shut down. It disrupts intimacy. In that time, I have seen most offered options, and their guilt and blame tactics and subsequent pathetic results.

"Accountability software, support groups, conferences that berate, shame, and shout at men to 'just stop' don't work. They result in men who either stay in the addiction cycle, attempt to suppress themselves, attempt to shut down entirely their virility and the magnificent gift that is masculine sexuality, only to have lust, passivity, and anger come out sideways in their lives.

"Cameron's process is the breakthrough the church has desperately needed for decades. If you have been lucky enough to stumble upon him, do not hesitate to work with him. It will breathe life back into your marriage, your marriage bed, your relationship with God and yourself as a man. The only question you'll have is why on earth you didn't do it sooner.

- Jackie Dixon, founder of Jackie Dixon VLX

God calls us to be men of integrity - in all areas of our lives.

Yes, we are deeply loved by God.

Yes, we are forgiven whenever we repent.

But are we also called turn away from sin?

Are we not asked to not commit the same sin over and over again?

Yes, we absolutely are.

Click below to watch the training where I walk you through how to turn away from this sin once and for all.

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"In the very beginning, I was very skeptical about working with Coach Cam because I have been through many programs before, most of which failed after a month. I’ve tried talking to my pastor, Covenant Eyes, getting rid of cable, multiple accountability partners to name a few.

"But since working with Coach Cam, I have been porn free for almost 3 months. My relationship with my wife is much closer that it’s ever been. There’s no more guilt and shame—it’s completely gone. I have no more desire to look at porn, and it’s really incredible. I truly believe this system works. My thinking is different. I am not as tempted as I used to be. I am just amazed that there is something out there that works.

"Coach Cam’s proven process that I did was intense, but very helpful. Cam’s coaching style is challenging but encouraging. I highly recommend Coach Cam. He challenges you encourages you and guides you all along the way. Thank you so much, Coach!

-Bill Munsell, Employee at Action Heavy Haul

In July 2011, my first serious relationship of 4+ years crumbled into oblivion. We both were committed to marriage, ready to share our lives together. But something violently ripped the relationship apart - my addiction to porn. It took me years for God to show me I was addicted.

I fought daily for years, making no progress. Steadfast prayer, worship, accountability groups, books, confession and repentance - it all made me feel better, but I was spinning my wheels. I was going nowhere. Nothing was working. Then it hit me: The current solutions out there never actually got to the root of the addiction.

I took my engineering education, my Christian upbringing, and professional life coach training and created a solution that has worked for every client I've shared it with. It's my honor to share what I've learned along the way.

I've been coaching professionally for 6 years. In that time, I've coached hundreds of clients, worked with universities, multinational companies, banks, and over a dozen local businesses.

It is a joy and honor to join you in fellowship and walk alongside you in this journey, even if it's just for the next few minutes. You're in my prayers!
Watch the Training

"I honestly didn't have any reservations about starting with Coach Cam. From our first discovery call, my gut said to trust this guy and follow his lead in order to experience victory over a long-existing  addiction. I found Coach Cam to be credible, well-trained, sincere, and dependable among many other positive qualities. He ALWAYS DOES exactly what he says he will do!

"As a result of our coaching, I am more focused in all aspects of my life and the weight of a busy life is much lighter. I am more patient, loving, at-ease, positive, energetic, and full-of-life since I began working with Coach Cam. I have more self-control in all aspects of my life, but especially in the areas of temptation and triggers because Coach Cam has taught me tools and strategies to handle them.
hard work is completely worth it!

"As a 43-year addict, I have tried everything from willpower to counseling, all to no avail or success. Coach Cam's proven process is different; it's a thorough, deep dive into why I have this addiction. It's an understanding of the psychology of addiction. It was a series of aha's during our work together. The tools Coach Cam taught me have made the biggest difference in my successful road to sexual purity and victory over this destructive habit.

"I recommend Coach Cam with the highest praise I can give. He's authentic, truthful, tough but fair, patient, and sensitive. Also, an effective coach who knows how to pinpoint the right question at the right time...then he listens. Make no mistake, however, if you're not ready to be 100% honest with yourself and dedicated to the entire process, it won't just be difficult...it will not work. And then the anchor of pornography will continue to weigh you down, rendering you stuck in every dimension of your life.

"About 10 days into the program, I realized that the work I was doing with Coach Cam is by far the MOST IMPORTANT work I have ever done in my life. You owe it to yourself, your family, friends, mental and physical health to make the investment that will yield the most valuable return-on-investment you could ever earn. The hard work is completely worth it!

-Ken S.

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